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Is Your Internet Footprint Compromising Your Identity? Yes!

Is Your Internet Footprint Compromising Your Identity? Yes!

December 16, 2023

We don’t always hear about it in the news, but identity theft is on the rise. Our constant internet usage has given us a large digital footprint. And the more you’re online, the greater your risk of criminals hijacking your information and using it to commit fraud.

It’s nearly impossible to go completely off the grid once you’re on it, but there are steps you can take to minimize your risk. And understanding where your personal data might be living is a great place to start.

Here are six different ways that personal information shared online can end up in the wrong hands:

  1. Retail and social media websites
  2. Data collection websites that store your information (White Pages, PeopleFinder)
  3. Old website pages you appear on (such as forums or blogs)
  4. Personal information on websites (old addresses, contact information)
  5. Outdated search results where you may still appear (such as former employer pages)
  6. Any old, outdated, or non-secure email addresses

For tips on how to risk-proof your digital presence and remove your information from these places online, check out this great article, 6 Ways to Delete Yourself from the Internet. Don’t forget, everybody in your household is at risk for identity fraud. So, every family member should take the same precautions to secure their personal information. Let's connect if you have any questions about where to begin.