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Millennials Lead the Way in Impact Investing

May 23, 2023

Many of us are familiar with the phrase “doing well while doing good.” It’s a concept that’s gaining momentum, especially among millennial investors. Studies have shown millennials are more likely to prioritize social and environmental issues in their investment decisions than previous generations. They realize that the practice of making purposeful investments that seek to achieve social or environmental benefits not only can make our world a better place but also generate financial returns.

As a result, many companies are now taking steps to become more socially and environmentally responsible to attract and retain millennial investors. By investing in companies that prioritize social and environmental responsibility, we can help drive positive change and create a more sustainable future.

Impact investing is popular for investors who have tried it, reporting that it makes them feel like they are being good global citizens. However, there are still many investors who are hesitant to get involved. They often cite a lack of knowledge as the barrier to trying impact investing. 

If you’re among those needing more information, look at this helpful document from Fidelity, “Using Dollars for Change.” It contains relevant and useful statistics, especially those pertaining to millennial investors. 

We love helping our clients feel confident and knowledgeable about their investing decisions. Give us a call if you’d like to start a conversation about impact investing. We’re here to help!