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Parental Attention

August 17, 2020

Parental Attention


See if you can relate to this.  A recent study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family looked at childrearing trends in 11 developed nations, and found that, back in 1965, the average mother spent just 54 minutes a day directly interacting and caring for her children.  Men were spending just 16 minutes a day.


Today?  The study looked at 2012 statistics, and found that mothers in the U.S., Italy, Canada, Germany, Britain, the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain and Slovenia were, 47 years later, spending 104 minutes with their kids, while men were spending just 59 minutes a day interacting directly with their children.


The study linked the educational level of parents to time spent with kids, and found an interesting relationship: the more educated the parents were, the more time they were spending with their children.  The award for most attentive parents went to Denmark, whose mothers spent, on average, 225 minutes with their kids per day, while Danish dads spent roughly 115 minutes (college educated) and 80 minutes (non-college educated).  American mothers have been averaging about 125 minutes per day.