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Monica Campbell, AAMS®

Monica Campbell, AAMS®

Portfolio Strategist

As a Portfolio Strategist, I have always had a passion for finance and accounting. After graduating with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Business Administration in 2016, I initially started my career in the digital marketing field, optimizing client accounts and managing spending budgets. However, my desire to delve deeper into the world of finance led me to make the switch from marketing analytics to finance.

Since shifting my focus, I have been providing a high level of service to all departments at my current firm. I am dedicated to implementing investment strategies, analyzing market trends, and identifying new opportunities for our clients. I have obtained my Series 7 license and the Accredited Asset Management Specialist designation to further enhance my knowledge and expertise in the field.

In my role, I also assist in monitoring client risk levels and portfolio allocations. It is essential to ensure that our clients' investments align with their goals and risk tolerance, and I take great care in managing this aspect of our work.

Outside of my professional life, I enjoy traveling and spending quality time with my Rottweiler puppy. Exploring new places broadens my horizons and inspires me. Whether it's hiking in nature or immersing myself in different cultures, I find these experiences to be fulfilling and rejuvenating.