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The Pillar Experience

The Pillar Experience

We want to build relationships—by helping you feel welcome and supported. Here is what you can expect when you work with us.

  • Initial Consultation

    This conversation will help us learn about your current situation, including the most important questions on your mind right now, and to get clarity about your goals and objectives for the future.

  • Our Analysis

    We will analyze the information and documents that you have provided, including your confidential profile and the results of your risk tolerance evaluation. This step helps ensure that your portfolio meets your investment goals and expectations.

  • Preliminary Plan Presentation

    Your advisor will meet with you to discuss what we will be able to do for you. We’ll share our recommendations and a proposed plan tailored specifically to your priorities, goals, and objectives and carefully designed around your risk tolerance and time horizon. No matter if we end up working together or not, you’ll have valuable information about your existing plan.

  • Sleep On It

    We are in no rush for our clients to make a decision. Before deciding if we should work together, ask yourself if our recommendations make sense to you and if you feel comfortable with our approach.

  • Getting Started

    We will begin the transition into our New Client Process, collecting any additional information needed to begin serving you. Before this, we will answer any additional questions you may have to your satisfaction.

  • Ongoing Collaboration

    Our relationship with our clients is collaborative. We maintain regular contact with our clients including regular review meetings to make sure that your plan continues to reflect the different factors that change over time: your life, taxes, and new legislation.

Lifelong Guidance

We're here for you offering advice and support throughout all life's milestones.

Leaving a Lasting Legacy

This ebook explores charitable foundations with the goal of creating a legacy to last well beyond a single lifetime.